Training Camp – League of Legends, Solo Pass




Welcome to the League of Legends College Preparation Program

When: July 30, July 31, August 1 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Cost: $249 per person plus taxes OR Click here for the $999 per 5 person team option plus taxes

The League of Legends College Prep Program is for competitors looking to take the next step in their competitive play.  Led by former LCS Champion coach Jordan Thwaites, players will learn first hand the strategies used at the highest level of League competition.   

Utilizing The Gaming Stadium’s state of the art facilities, competitors will be coached on topics including:

  • Improving mechanics
  • Learn climbing techniques to achieve a high rank in solo queue
  • Establishing a training foundation
  • Practicing the application of professional techniques
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Finding your optimal role
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Learning how to draft
  • Comps (split push, siege, poke, 1-3-1, 4-1, kite, team fight)
  • Improve game review skills, including analysis and interpretation of important variables
  • How to become a pro

In addition, players will be introduced to both mental and physical training and competition preparation techniques in order to ensure your team is maximizing its practice time and will peak in time for your next tournament.  

Coach Bios:  

Jordan ‘Leviathan’ Thwaites

Jordan has competed and coached at the highest levels of international League of Legends competition, including stints leading Alliance and Gambit.  Most recently Jordan coached SK Gaming Prime as well as the University of Texas at Arlington’s competitive team. Jordan has been an innovator in the world of League for years, having been credited with developing the ZZ’rot Portal strategy in 2015 that warped the meta around the world.  Jordan is excited to finally have the opportunity to take the knowledge he’s collected from his years of international coaching, including when he boot camped in Korea for Worlds with Alliance in 2014 and provide competitors in his home province with the opportunity to learn from his experience. 

Matt “knc1” Arnold

A former CS:GO pro player and coach/manager, Matt Arnold will focus on player development.  “I have been lucky enough to work with the very best this country has to offer and hknow what it takes to get to the next level.  I am excited to share my expertise with anyone who joins us to help lay the foundation of what it takes to get to the next level both in and outside of the game.”  Matt has been the coach/manager of the last two Canadian National CS:GO mens’ teams who competed at WESG in China.  

Matt ‘Fish’ Fisher | BA Psychology |MSc Exercise Science |MA Counselling Psychology (in progress) |Student Member Canadian Sport Psychology Association  

Matt has spent the last 15 years helping traditional sports athletes achieve success at the highest level of sport, including multiple winter and summer Olympic games.  While Matt’s background has primarily been on the physical side of competition preparation, he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree to move towards mental performance preparation in order to provide athletes with both the psychological and physiological edge they need to achieve success both in esports and beyond.