Our Staff


Neal takes the role of Marksman very seriously. He is silent, deadly, and does his damage from range. Neal has spent over 29 years in the Fraser Valley of BC helping entrepreneurs succeed through business consultation and raising of capital. Yes, his name is Neal Diamond. No, he is not the singer (he’s better) and yes, he will sing a song for you if you ask him nicely.
Matthew Low
VP Operations
Matt is our Slayer. He likes to move quickly to take down any target standing in his way. Line it up and Matt will knock it down. Matt has been organizing tournaments since 2014 and is a staple in the local gaming community. He is community driven, operations focused, and hates it when you spell his last name Lowe. No E, as he hates the E.
VP Sales & Marketing
Spiro is most definitely the Tank. He loves to lead the charge for the team but doesn’t clean up the mess. He leaves that for Matt. Spiro opened the first ever esports lounge in a casino in Canada and specializes in the business side of esports including partnerships and marketing. His name is kind of weird so feel free to call him Ralph.
Founder and VP, Project Management
Dan is the Guild Leader of the group. He oversees the team and opens up opportunities for each to succeed. Professionally, Dan has a degree in both Business Administration; Sales & Marketing as well as Computer Systems. Dan is the man with a plan who likes to play on LAN.