Say Hello to August Events!

Say Hello to August Events!

August has arrived!

As summer continues, we’re excited to be bringing you another month packed with hype events and tournaments!

Squad up, Win, Get Paid – again! Registration is open now for the MyBookie Battle Series:


August 14 + 15
πŸ’° $4000 USD Prize Pool
πŸ‘€ 21+ Only
🎟️ TGS.GG/BattleSeries



Zendikar calls! Register today for our upcoming MTG Arena tournament:


MTG: Arena
πŸ“… August 22
πŸ’° $1,000 CAD
πŸ“ Reg is global
🎟️ TGS.GG/August_MTG



Fall into action – Fall Guys Season 5 has arrived!Β 


Fall Guys
πŸ“… August 23
πŸ’° $250 CAD
🎟️ Registration opening soon!



Β Can we interest you in some weeklies?

We’ve expanded our weekly tournaments one game further! In addition to Guilty Gear and Teamfight Tactics, Pokeman Trading Card Game Online now joins the weekly line-up! Learn more details and register for each of our weeklies below.


Teanfight Tactics
πŸ“… Every Wednesday
πŸ’° $250 CAD
🎟️ TGS.GG/August_TFT




PokΓ©mon Trading Card Game Online
πŸ“… Every Friday
πŸ’° Cash Prizes
🎟️ TGS.GG/Pokemon_TCG




Guilty Gear Strive
πŸ“… Every Tuesday
πŸ’΅ $300 CAD
🚨 Capped to 256
πŸ“ NA Only
🎟️ TGS.GG/Strive


Don’t forget about Pinnnacle!

Join us October 8th – 10th at the Vancouver Convention Centre to enjoy some of your favorite games! Click here for more details including prize pools, tickets and more!Β 

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