Summer Camp: Smash Ultimate now available

Summer Camp: Smash Ultimate now available

Register for Smash Ultimate: Beginner Camp

Register for Smash Ultimate: Intermediate Camp

Use code SMASH50 for 50% off registration. Limited time offer. Expires August 22.

The Gaming Stadium is offering two Smash Ultimate camps to close out summer before the school year begins! If you’re new to Smash Ultimate and looking to get started in competing, Coaches Mason “Locus” Charlton and Matt “Fish” Fisher will be on hand to help you with gameplay techniques and personal health strategies to get started. Smash Ultimate tournaments can often take a long time to get through and it needs to be treated like a marathon, not a sprint. Both coaches will help you with topics including:

  • Character selection
  • Movement optimization
  • Strategies when you’re both ahead or behind
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Minimizing negative affects associated with too much screen time

However, if you already know the basics and are looking for something more advanced, we have a Smash Ultimate camp for intermediate players. In addition to some of the previously mentioned elements, Coach Mason will jump into higher level play including:

  • Advanced stage selection and positions of power on each stage
  • Zoning and zone breaking
  • Rhythm, option selection, and unpredictability

Players who register for either camp and bring a full Smash setup will receive a $10 rebate on their registration. A full Smash setup includes the Nintendo Switch console, dock, and AC Adapter.