Best TFT Comps for Patch 9.16

Best TFT Comps for Patch 9.16

Patch. 9.16 went live for Teamfight Tactics this last Wednesday, and we’ve already seen some pretty drastic changes to the meta. We sat down with Challenger TFT Player oFwano, and broke down this patch’s best TFT comps for 9.16. Spoilers: Jinx is really good right now.

Important Changes

Before we get into the best comps for this patch, let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes this patch has to offer.

  Hextech Origin:

Patch 9.16 welcomed four new champions to the TFT roster: Camille (1-cost), Jayce (2-cost), Vi (3-cost), and Jinx (4-cost). The Hextech origin trait is the crux of a hyper-carry team: a Hextech champion throws a bomb at a random enemy unit with an item, and disables that champion’s items plus anyone in a 1/2 hex radius for the first 8 seconds of combat. The best answer for a Hextech comp is to spread out your champions wisely to minimize the chance that your carry will be affected by the bomb. However, the Hextech origin is best seen as a complimentary synergy for late-game comps, rather then a central composition type. The best way to do this is to grab an early Jinx and whatever champion best synergies with your existing comp. Speaking of Jinx…

  Get Excited!

Jinx is arguably the best solo carry in this patch. She is a Hextech/Gunslinger hyper-carry who has the potential to single-handedly win any game she’s in when given the right items. Her damage output easily rivals Draven’s raw damage. While it’s tempting to put her and the other newer Hextech comps into your standard play, it’s best to play her when you are able to capitalize on her Gunslinger buff. That being said, if you can make her into a Blademaster, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time.

  Demon Rework

The Demon origin is a new rework that empowers the player using the synergy without making the opponent rage-quit. Demons now have a base 40% chance to burn 20 mana from their target, and will gain 15/30/45 mana from the attacker. Demons can now cast their spells faster, so be prepared to watch Aatrox spam his ultimate ability every few seconds.

Noble Buff/Revert

Riot addressed the fact that Nobles were “under performing a bit as an end-game fantasy,” and addressed the need to “make bigger changes to address this.” They tried to fix this by buffing the bonus armor and magic resist to 75 (previously 60). However, all good things must come to an end because this buff was quickly hot-fixed just two days after the buff. A potential way to fix the Noble conflict would be to (1) limit the noble buff to just the nobles in the comp and (2) apply the stronger buff to all nobles only once you reach 6 Nobles. This will allow for players to have a Noble 3 hold at the beginning of the game to safely transition into their desired synergies, while also rewarding players for sticking with the Nobles for the entirety of the match.

Sworn to the Sword: Imperial Blademasters



  • Benefits from the 1 Ninja Buff, giving Shen 50% AD and AP.
  • Imperial buff allows for either Draven or Swain to deal double damage at the start of combat.
  • 6 Blademaster buff grants 45% chance to strike 2 additional times, which synergies well with Draven’s Imperial buff and ability.
    • Spinning Axes: Draven gains bonus on-hit damage and AS, stacking up to two times.
    • Items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Bloodthirster will make Draven an unkillable axe-spinning machine.
  • Provides reliable front-line units, hyper carries, and assassins for a wide range of tactics to counter many popular comps.

Watch out for: Nobles and Glacials

It’s Elementalist, My Dear Watson: Elementalist + Demons


  • Grants 1 Ninja 50% Ad/AP bonus through Kennen– who is the most dynamic champion for the Ninja class in terms of utility.
  • 3 Elementalist buff summons a 2200 HP/100 AD Golem to act as a proper front-line for the team.
  • Great synergy with the new Demon rework!
    • Elementalists gain double mana from attacks, and Demons have a 40% chance on hit to burn 20 of the opposing champion’s mana and restores 15/30/45 to the attacker.
  • Great AoE damage potential from most of the champions.

Watch out for: Gunslingers and Demons

Hey Now, You’re A Brawl-Star: Brawlers w/ Void + Carry


  • Brawlers receive +300/+600/+1000 bonus health, providing for an impenetrable front line for your carry.
  • Natural synergies with Void, which allows for all units to deal True Damage. Player’s preference on whether to go Kha’zix or Kassadin
  • The addition of Jinx with Vi grants the Hextech buff, which disables all enemy items in a 1/2 hex radius for the first 8 seconds in combat.
  • The combination of Void, Brawler, and a hyper carry (Jinx) allows the player to build a tanky comp without sacrificing potential damage.

Watch out for: Assassins, Yordles, and Glacial

My Fair Carry: Nobles + Carry


  • All allies gain the Noble buff at 6 Noble units, gaining +60 armor and magic resist and healing for 35 health per hit.
  • When paired with a Guardian buff, allows for the hyper carry to continue to safely DPS from the backline.
    • Rapid Firecannon is a necessity given the lack of proper bruisers or tanks for the carry. Consider a lifesteal item for the carry such as Bloodthirster or Hextech Gunblade.
  • Can switch out Jinx for a Draven + 1 Blademaster or Swain if  Jinx is contested.
  • Immediately benefits from a 2 Gunslinger synergy when Jinx is added.

Watch out for: Full Glacial and Sorcerer

Mighty Morphing Wildlife: Shapeshifter Wild


  • Easy to build in the early game, with a lot of diversity in how you can protect yourself from other oppressive comps.
  • At 3/6, Shapeshifters gain 60%/120% max HP on transform.
  • When paired with items and 2 Brawlers, you have an extremely tanky front line to stall out for transformations.
  • 4 wild bonus generates up to 5 stacks of fury, with each stack of Fury giving 12% attack speed.
    • Can swap out Ahri with Rengar if there is a stacked hyper-carry.
  • Any of the Shapeshifters have the potential to carry your team with the right itemization, so there is a variety of different ways you can build your front line.

Watch out for: Nobles and Phantoms

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